Today in cinema named after Nizami will be held the first preview of the film of director

Huseyn Mekhdiyev "Melody of Space"

Violoncellist that lost his creative inspirration. Alladdin Abbasov played as Murad Some days ago there was pre-release show and press conference with the participation of cast and creators of the film "Melody of Space".

It's necessary to mark that rather familiar people again surrounded director, with whom Huseyn Mehdiyev worked on one of the recent films "Strange time". The leading parts in the new film of director again played by Alladdin Abbasov, Mahriban Zaki and the actress of Russian theatre of drama Ayan Mirgasimova. The famous composer Azer Dadash that composed music for this film also stressed that it is not their first collaboration. As composer admitted the reason of this is affinity of their creative inspiration .The new film of director may be called also as a philosophical drama , plot of the film lets us by means of cinema to think over things like "Space", "eternity" and "Love". The main place in this picture is given to 80 year old violoncellist Murad(Aladdin Abbasov).Being married Murad falls in love with the girl , however he doesn't leave his family. But the hero realized later that he has lost his only love-creative inspiration. It turns into his real tragedy both as a man and artist. Appearing on his eightieth anniversary concert suddenly musician realizes that he has forgotten music composed 40 years ago. During the all action the hero of the film looks for it, saying that he lost it, not forgot. Today and following days viewers can see and value the new film of native filmmakers themselves

What said people playing the heroes of the film "Melody of the Space".

Alladdin Abbasov: It was very easy for me to play in this film, at first the role corresponded to my age, secondly I could feel the support and help of director, that is very important for any actor. I was satisfied with my role and playing of my partners. I think I was playing myself.

Mehriban Zeki: I had to play rather hard nature heroine , it was somewhat interesting to play it .I think that's the main for actor. There weren't any disagreements with the director of the film since the screenplay was wonderful. I noticed that director Huseyn Mekhdiyev was drawing frames like a work of art.
I think besides the three main actors there are two more "heroes" in film -melody and Space.

Ayan Mirgasimova: When I started to rehearse the role of Rena I was worrying because I knew that I am rescuing, it was the new style in my creative work. It was not so easy to draw the psychological character of the heroine, Rena is still mystery to me. If I could show her mysterious character to the viewers, so our task with director Huseyn Mehdiyev is carried out.

At last I want to say that it was just satisfaction for me to play in the film "Melody of Space" first of all because the people working with me were only professionals.